About the Club

The Rye Wine and Jazz Club has been founded by the creators of The Grapevine Champagne and Piano Lounge. The intention is to bring quality wines at affordable prices, and regular live Jazz and Blues, to the visitors and residents of Rye.

The Jazz Club wil look to promote local & international artists/musicians, and showcase free live music every weekend for the many visitors and the local residents of our historic town of Rye. The Club is funded by donations and operated jointly between sponsors.

The Wine Club will be offering over 1,200 wines, and there will be wine tastings every month and regular Meet the Winemaker events (every 3rd Thursday).  The Wine Club’s aim is to provide the finest, rarest and newest exciting wines the world has to offer at the lowest possible price to suit every pocket and palate. Wine club members will be able to purchase top quality wines, normally only reserved for the trade, at extremely competitive prices.

Wines are available to members via our online shop or at wine club meetings and tastings, and members will help to determine the club’s ‘wine of the month’, which will also be adopted as the Grapevine’s featured wine of the month.

There will be honestly priced wines from £7 a bottle, and  our best value wines are defined by the combination of price, quality and accessibility.