Vin Santo, Santorini, Gaia Wines

A luscious and intensely sweet dessert wine showing ripe figs, toffee and coffee through to a nutty finish.
Once the berries have been sufficiently dehydrated from the sun, they were gently pressed over many hours until the last drop of the richly concentrated must was rendered. Yields at this stage were exceptionally low ‰ÛÒ less than 10 hectolitres per hectare. The must was then placed in old casks where it underwent fermentation which stops once the alcohol level reaches 13 to 14%, thus producing a naturally sweet wine. The wine was then left to age in the fermentation casks previously used for white wine production for at least 10 years. Vinsanto by Gaia was bottled without any fining or filtration.

Three words to describe this wine:

toffee – figs – rich
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