C̫tes du Rh̫ne, Domaine des Carabiniers

Perfumed damson fruit, spicy and textured on the palate. Lovely ripe Rh̫ne style redolent of the garrigue of Southern France.
The grapes were harvested at night to retain the freshness, protect the aromas, prevent oxidation and avoid the use of sulphur. The cellars then turned into a sparkling clean, bustling scene of activity in which the harvest’s “wild” or natural yeasts were left to develop and spontaneously start the fermentation. The temperature during fermentation was maintained at 28å¡C for three weeks with regular pump-overs to encourage the maximum development of the fruit aromas. Traditional methods were used throughout to foster the fruit aromas and the outstanding terroir from which the grapes originate.

Three words to describe this wine:

serious Cotes du Rhone
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