Carmen̬re 'Limited Edition', Maipo Alto, Vi̱a Perez Cruz

An opulent wine with minted notes of blackberry and blackcurrant and a hint of mocha, juicy and delicious.
The grapes were hand-picked and then carefully selected before being crushed into stainless steel tanks. Fermentation lasted between seven days, at temperatures of 23 to 27å¡C with skin contact lasting for 15 days. Daily pump-overs were determined by tastings, and were reduced in volume towards the end of fermentation, extracting the desired level of tannins, colour and flavours throughout. The wine was macerated for a further six days, before being racked into French oak barrels where it matured for 14 months.

Three words to describe this wine:

black fruits – fleshy – coffee beans
RRP: å£23.02


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