Old Vines Zinfandel, 'Maggio', Lodi, Oak Ridge Winery

Deep and rich, this wine shows a full and intense flavour of fleshy black cherry with mellow jam and chocolate overtones.
The Old Zinfandel grapes were picked at 25 to 26å¡ Brix, for optimum ripeness, acidity levels and quality. The grapes were cool fermented at 18 to 23å¡C, in order to slowly extract the colour and tannins, while retaining the fresh fruit characters. Once fermented through to dryness, the grapes were pressed off their skins and allowed to settle prior to racking. The wine then went through malolactic fermentation, giving the final wine a smooth mouthfeel and softening the finish. Once complete, a proportion of the wine was matured in various oak treatments for between six months, until it reached the desired profile of oak complexity, while the remainder was stored in stainless steel. 60% of the oak component used was medium to heavy toast American oak and 40% of the oak was medium toast French oak.

Three words to describe this wine:

fleshy black cherry
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