Pinot Noir, 'Sibaris' Gran Reserva, Valle de Leyda, Undurraga

A light-bodied wine bursting with fruity notes of Morello cherry and strawberry, layered with smoky herb nuances and a hint of balsamic on the finish.
The grapes were hand-harvested into 12 kilogram bins to preserve the quality of the fruit. The clusters and individual grapes were sorted on selection tables and then gravity-fed into fermentation vats. The grapes were destemmed and gently crushed and then underwent a cold pre-fermentation maceration at 7å¡C for three to five days. The temperature was increased to 15å¡C and selected yeasts were used to start fermentation, which lasted five to seven days at temperatures of between 24å¡C and 26å¡C. Punching down and smooth pump-overs were used each day to gently submerge the skins in the fermenting juice in order to extract colour and volume. Post fermentation maceration took place for three to 10 days. Then the wine was matured in oak barrels for 10 months prior to being blended.

Three words to describe this wine:

smoky – strawberry – balsamic
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