Ros̩ 'Cuv̩e Henri Fabre', C̫tes de Provence, Ch̢teau de l'Aum̩rade

Refreshingly fruity and floral bouquet with delicate pear drop and strawberry flavours on the palate.
The harvest took place at the beginning of September and the grapes were immediately destemmed. The Fabre family introduced an innovative way to transport the berries to the press by gravity, via refrigerated tubes thus preserving all the aromatics. The berries were gently pressed; the juice was carefully selected and cooled to 13å¡C. Following a static settling, a 10 day alcoholic fermentation took place under temperature controlled conditions of between 17 and 22å¡C, preserving the integrity of the primary flavours. Racking and blending took place at the end of the year with tartaric stabilisation and filtration.

Three words to describe this wine:

pear drops – red fruits – fresh
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