Chardonnay 'Prima Nature', Pays d'Oc, Gérard Bertrand

A textured and aromatic Chardonnay vinified without the use of sulphur or other additives showing flavours of tropical pineapple and mango.
The vinification process is very complex as this wine is vinified without the use of sulphur or other additives. The grapes were pressed immediately, with cold must settling in order to encourage the oxide compounds in the must to stabilise naturally. Alcoholic fermentation was very short and took place in a controlled environment with temperatures restricted to 18°C. The wine was purified by racking, before malolactic fermentation and a further racking phase took place at controlled temperatures. The wine was bottled relatively early, to preserve its full aromatic character.

Three words to describe this wine:

pineapple – spice – creamy
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