Muscadet sans soufre ajoutÌ©, ‰Û÷Katharos‰Ûª, Louise ChÌ©reau

An outstanding expression of Muscadet showing great aromatic purity of green apple combined with white flowers, textured and rich with a remarkably clean and saline finish.
Katharos means ‰Û÷purity‰Ûª in ancient Greek and the aim of this cuvÌ©e is to reveal the authentic aromas of the Melon de Bourgogne variety without the addition of any sulphur during vinification, which allows the aromatics to shine through. The grapes were pressed and fermented with carefully selected yeasts that would enable fermentation through to less than one gram of residual sugar. While this is made without the addition of sulphur, the yeasts do create some natural sulphur during fermentation, which is why the label reads ‰Û÷contains sulphites‰Ûª. The wine did not go through malolactic fermentation to retain the refreshing acidity. The gravity fed cellar enables the wine to be gently moved without the use of a pump and ageing took place in concrete tanks. Without the addition of sulphur, the wine is sensitive to oxidation, so bottling took place directly from the lees, using an inert bottling line to prevent oxidation.

Three words to describe this wine:

apple – saline – jasmine
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