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The founders of The Grapevine Champagne & Piano Lounge, presents a club for lovers of the best quality wine at honest prices. With free membership & fast delivery, it’s easy for anyone to get involved. We look forward to welcoming you into the club!

Be a part of something special.

The finest wines from the finest growers in Britain and abroad.
Bottle pricing proudly beating UK market averages.
Support talented musicians from around the country.
A free, fast and flexible wine delivery service.

More than just an online wine shop.

Developed within the 4 walls of a wine & jazz bar, we are not just an online wholesaler. We go far beyond to create an intimate community environment, hosted at our sponsored champagne & piano lounge, The Grapevine in Rye. Where our wine loving members meet to socialise and enjoy our unlimited range.

Launched during the Covid-19 global pandemic, our initial call for existence was to supply wine to our regional customers while the industry is on lockdown. However, we have since evolved into believing that we can bring more to the community than wine deliveries, by primarily creating a community within a community, through offering regular wine tastings, group meetings and live music!

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Latest News

  • We’ve just introduced a regular 10% discount offering! Our Wine of the Week email newsletter will hold a 7 day time limited coupon code to be entered when buying that weekly recommended wine! 
  • The most popular wine in May has been the Sauvignon Blanc, Pays D’Oc, Terre du Soleil. We’re not surprised as this refreshing fruity vin is perfect for sunny weather!
  • We are pleased to announce that we have just added over 1,200 fine wines to the Hallgarten Collection, available for purchase now!
  • The Grapevine Collection consists of our favourite 100 wines presently! Handpicked… and enjoyed by the founders over the years.
  • We’re proud to announce that if you order any 6 bottles (or more) through the Grapevine Collection, you will receive it tomorrow at the very latest! If you live within 20 miles, this service is 100% free!