Champagne Pol Roger, Brut Vintage

Beautiful biscuity and buttery nose with creamy weight balanced by freshness.
Champagne’s geographical location engenders capricious weather. For this reason, since their foundation in 1849, Pol Roger have observed the tradition of not releasing a vintage-dated champagne unless the climatic conditions permit the production of grapes of outstanding ripeness. A vintage champagne must, above all else, be a balanced champagne. This balance depends on the right blend of healthy grapes, a good potential alcohol and correct acidity. The grapes were traditionally vinified; the must underwent two settlings, known as débourbages, the first after pressing and the second was a cold settling in stainless steel tanks at 6°C lasting 24 hours. A slow, cool fermentation at under 18°C took place in stainless steel, with each variety and each village kept separately until final blending. The wine underwent a full malolactic fermentation. Secondary fermentation took place in the bottle at 9°C in the deepest Pol Roger cellars which lie at 33 metres below street level. The wine was kept here until it underwent the process of riddling by hand, something of a rarity nowadays in Champagne. Aged for seven years in the cellars, prior to release.
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